Workplace Drug Abuse In Coral Springs, FL

What Ages Are Most Affected?

Drug abuse in the workplace has become a problem in Coral Springs, Florida, and some ages are affected more than others when it comes to on the job drug abuse. There is no specific age where drug abuse stops, and because every individual is different you will find people who are responsible for drug use in the workplace across all age groups. Some age groups may have higher rates of this type of drug abuse though, for more than one reason. The consequence of employee drug use has been seen in Coral Springs, and all across the state of Florida and beyond.

Teen Drug Use In The Workplace

Teens and young adults under the age of twenty one have higher rates of drug use in the workplace than most other age groups in Coral Springs, Florida, and there are a few different factors which come into play. Teenagers are usually the age group more likely to try drug abuse anywhere, and this higher rate follows over into drug use in the workplace. Teens are more likely to experiment, and to believe that they are not mortal and that nothing bad can happen. Teens who use drugs in the workplace are more likely to get hurt, which is why most employers drug screen new employees.

Adults And Workplace Drug Use In Coral Springs

No Drugs

No Drugs

Adults are not as likely to abuse drugs in the workplace as teens are, but the number of adult drug users is still quite high, especially for an age group that should know better. Often adults will rationalize the drug use as recreational, or as a response to a tough day. Adults with drug abuse problems are more likely to miss time from work, often because they can not

face the thought of going to their job without the drugs they crave.

Older Adults And On The Job Drug Use

A common misconception in Coral Springs, Florida, and the rest of the country, is that older adults and the elderly do not have drug use or drug abuse problems. Older adults are just as likely as younger adults to have issues with drug use in the workplace, but are at a lower risk for this behavior than the age group containing teenagers. Drug use can cross all age groups in Coral Springs, Florida, and it is important that this is understood. While teens are at a higher risk of drug abuse on the job, older employees and even the elderly who still work can also have these issues as well.

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