Drug Addiction in Florida City, FL

The affects that GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid) has on the community and individuals of Florida City, Florida are potentially dangerous and devastating. The use of this explicit drug leads to addiction, overdose, and rape. Well known as a drug that acts on the body as a sedative inducing sleep. For years GHB has been known as a “date rape” drug.

GHB drug use is common among college age students. Body builders are also susceptible to GHB addiction. They use the drug as a stimulant, giving themselves more energy and an increased workout. Body builders tend to use this drug more frequently and build high tolerances to it.

Illegal prescription drugs

Illegal prescription drugs

GHB has many side affects usually determined by the strength and frequency of dose taken. Small doses of the said drug can increase libido and reduce the user’s inhibitions. Taken in high doses can result in a euphoric like feeling, relaxation, and sedation. In some cases abuse of this drug can result in unconsciousness and memory loss.

Frequent use of GHB can lead to an increase in abuse. The more it’s taken the higher the risk of events such as unconsciousness, irregular/depressed respiration, tremors, coma, and even death. Drug addiction happens when the user develops a tolerance to the drug and needs to take it more often in higher doses. Side effects include euphoria, hallucinations, and intense feelings of relaxation. All these increase the risk of drug abuse and addiction.

Students and workers should avoid going to school or work if they are under the influence of GHB.  More than likely they will experience frequent mood swings, trouble sleeping, and headaches. GHB is commonly used in a social setting including parties, clubs, and at gyms.

GHB is a colorless, odorless drug which is nearly tasteless. This makes it easy for the drug to be slipped into the drink of an unsuspecting person, which in most cases is known to lead to rape. The rape victim wakes up in a confused state and it is common for them to have no recollection of what happened after they were slipped the drug. In some cases, when GHB is mixed with alcohol it can have deadly side effects.

More studies on the effects of GHB need to be done. Drug rehabilitation centers and other experts in and around Florida City, Florida know little about the long term side effects of GHB.

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