Drug Addiction in Fort Meade, FL

Drug use is a widespread across the community of Fort Meade and throughout the state of Florida. Drug abuse among adolescents is not only scary, but on the rise. Inhalants and solvents are a common drug of choice among this age group. This is as dangerous or more than other drugs as this chemicals attack the central nervous system, damaging the brain, lungs leaving residues lodged in the body’s tissues for very long times. This is just as good an excuse for you to perform a drug intervention.

Teenage youth are very susceptible to pressure from their peers. Inhalants and solvents are cheap and easily accessible; most can be found in kitchen cabinets, under sinks in bathrooms, garages, grocery stores, and neighborhood markets.



Common inhalants and solvents used are glue, gasoline, rubber cement, aerosols, antifreeze, correcting fluid, nail polish remover, shoe polish, and cooking sprays. The list goes on. Many of these inhalants and solvents contain chemicals that are highly addictive in turn leading to inhalant/solvent drug addiction. Inhalants and solvents are considered to be “gateway drugs” leading to other drug use in street drugs and prescription medications.

Bagging and huffing are two common ways inhalants and solvents are abused. Bagging is referred to when the drug user inhales vapors from a bag or balloon. When the user soaks a cloth in chemicals then inhales the vapors, this is called huffing. Other common techniques include sniffing the chemicals directly from the containers, heating or mixing with alcohol and drinking.

The repercussions resulting from this type of drug addiction can range from mild to severe. Users can suffer from moodiness, changes in personality, poor judgment, bizarre and abnormal behavior, aggressiveness, brain damage, and mental retardation. The deadliest side effect is referred to as SSF, which stands for Sudden Sniffing Death. SSF can occur after the first use of inhalants/solvents or after multiple uses.

Drug abuse can be devastating to the families of addicts. It is common for parents and children of addicts to feel stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, and loss of trust. Since inhalants and solvents are prevalent in homes, some parents resort to locking up and keeping a limited supply of chemicals on hand. They often wonder if their child will die from their addiction and feel that they should have done more to prevent the addiction from happening. Parents can no longer leave their children unattended. They lose sleep. Everyday their life and work can be affected. Drug related deaths affect the entire community of Fort Meade, Florida.

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