Drug Addiction in Fort Pierce, FL

PCP, better known on the streets as angel, dust, ozone, wack, rocket fuel and killer joints. Combined with marijuana PCB can be an addictive and deadly drug.

Fort Pierce, Florida has seen its share of PCP drug addiction. PCP is easy to dissolve and is commonly mixed with alcohol. PCP also comes in the form of tablets and capsules making for easy use. The drug can be snorted, smoked, injected, and drunk when mixed with liquid. It’s commonly used amongst males in their late twenties to mid thirties.

Drug container

Drug container

The effects of PCP drug abuse depend on the dosage taken. Taken in small doses, PCP increases the heart rate which leads to a loss of muscle coordination, numbness in the extremities, shallow breathing, flushing, and extreme sweating. Moderate to high doses can cause drops in blood pressure, pulse, and respiration. Dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision, eye flicking, drooling, loss of balance are also common. At High dosages PCP can lead to delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, distorted thinking, and speech abnormalities.

Long term drug use leads to addiction and severe consequences which are linked to seizures, comas, and death. Drug abuse has led to an increase in hospital visits due to PCP use because patients are in a suicidal state due to the use of this drug.

It is common practice for addicts to mix PCP with other drugs to increase their high. PCP is popular at raves and with club goers. The drug can easily and discreetly be taken to increase energy. Some first time users vow to never take the drug again because of its side affects, while others crave the drug and the emotional/physical numbness it gives them.

Addicts are known to go on “sprees” where they continually use PCP for two to three days at a time. Usually, the user takes other drugs to combat coming off PCP or sleeps it off. When the side effects of PCP have worn off the user is commonly confused, depressed, and extremely hung over.

PCP is growing in popularity in Fort Pierce, Florida and other parts of the country because it is easy to produce. PCP is inexpensive compared to other street drugs including heroin and cocaine. Dealers often add PCP to other street drugs like marijuana and cocaine to increase its bulk without the buyer ever knowing.

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