Drug Addiction in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Stimulants are a popular drug of choice among users in and around the area of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Stimulants are known to increase brain activity, alertness, attentiveness, and elevate energy levels all leading to increased drug use, drug abuse, and drug addiction.

Legally, stimulants are used to treat medical conditions like Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and depression. Sometimes used as short-term medications to combat obesity (stimulants act as an appetite suppressant). Occasionally they are used to treat asthma because they open respiratory passages. Side effects associated with drug use are an increase in blood pressure and heart rate as well as feelings of euphoria. With the amount of prescription medications available they often make their way into the possession of drug dealers, onto the streets and often into the hands of addicts.

Illegal prescription drugs

Illegal prescription drugs

When it comes to stimulants, drug abuse leads to addiction in some individuals. Frequent, high doses often lead to feelings of paranoia and hostility. Heart failure, seizures, and death are among the more serious side effects. Frequent use leads to drug tolerance, cravings, and the “need” to function with the drug. Most users become irritable and angry between uses as cravings increase. These are all signs of drug addiction.

Cities and towns across Florida like Fort Walton Beach are affected due to an increase in addiction to stimulants. Financially cities and communities alike are being damaged. Addiction leads to more visits to hospital emergency rooms and prolonged stays. The cost of insurance and hospital services goes up affecting everyone. Treatments involving overdoses, drug related injuries, and complications cost communities excess amounts of money each year. Employment among drug users goes down which leads to an increase in welfare and state run programs.

Users resort to violence, crime, and prostitution to pay for and get the drugs they are addicted to. Often times they are repeat offenders.

Diseases are easily spread among all drug users due to the sharing of dirty needles, unprotected sex, and sometimes unsanitary living conditions. This also leads to rising costs in health care services.

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