Alcohol abuse is a problem which can have very serious or even deadly consequences, for the individual abusing alcohol and for others as well. Alcohol is a depressant which also may be called booze, and it comes in a liquid form that is either consumed straight or combined with other drinks. Beer, wine, and liquor are all forms of alcohol. Alcohol is digested from the stomach and then spreads through all of the tissues in the body. There are many different types and strengths of alcohol available on the market, and the dangers of alcohol abuse are often discarded because it is a legal product for adults to use.

many types of liquor

Many types of alcohol

Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

There are some common signs of alcohol abuse that should be watched for. The individual may seem unsteady on their feet, and they may seem to drink more than what is considered normal. Most adults may have an occasional cocktail or beer, but when alcohol abuse becomes a problem the user may start to try and hide their alcohol consumption, and may become secretive. These individuals may or may not suffer ill effects the next day, and after alcohol abuse has gone on for some time the user may start to lose time and suffer from blackouts. When inebriated the user may turn mean and may even become violent. Slurred speech, nausea, vomiting, and complaining of the room spinning are all common with alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Effects And The Potential For Abuse

The effects of alcohol are the same reasons why alcohol abuse is so common in society today, and it has become a huge problem. Alcohol abuse has both short term and long term effects, and both of these can range from minor to fatal, depending on many different factors. Inhibitions are lowered, causing the user to do things they normally would not. Long term alcohol abuse can lead to addiction, and this drug can damage tissues and organs when used. This drug is often considered an acceptable social drug but it leads to increased aggressiveness and is responsible for many acts of violence each year.

Health Problems Associated With Alcohol Abuse

There are many health problems and medical concerns associated with alcohol abuse. This drug use can damage your liver, causing cirrhosis and cancer of the organ. Increased aggressiveness caused by alcohol abuse is the cause of many emergency room visits, and a much higher rate of both domestic violence and child abuse injuries all across America. Alcohol poisoning occurs each year as well, and the user frequently dies from ingesting too much alcohol. There are many other health problems associated with alcohol abuse as well.

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