Cocaine Abuse

The Dangers Of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine abuse is a big problem in every state, and in many cities all around the country. Cocaine is a drug which comes from the coca plant, which grows naturally in many areas of South America and other locations. Cocaine can be snorted, smoked, or injected, and this drug has enormous addiction potential. In many instances cocaine has been mixed with other illegal drugs, and the consequences of this are often deadly. Cocaine abuse effects all economic levels, and this drug use is well known among the rich and famous. Cocaine is often one of the more expensive drugs to buy on the street, but users come from all income levels and backgrounds and not just the wealthy.

Detectable Cocaine Abuse Symptoms



Some science of cocaine abuse can be apparent. If the user is sniffing cocaine that they may exhibit cold like symptoms, with a running nose, sneezing, and the sniffles. If the user is injecting the cocaine then needle marks will be visible at the injection site. All cocaine abuse, regardless of the form it takes, will result in hyperactivity, and the user may become agitated when they start to come down from the drug. Because of the expensive cost, cocaine abuse may cause the user to need money frequently, or to steal to get the drug. Shaking, tremors, a lack of appetite, rapid speech, and an inability to sit still may all point to cocaine abuse.

The Effects Of Cocaine And Why The Drug Is Abused

Cocaine abuse causes a feeling of euphoria and a rush of sensations. The user will feel more energetic while under the influence of the drug, and may feel more alert both mentally and physically. The effects of cocaine use will be felt usually within 45 minutes of the drug being taken, but smoking or injecting the drug will cause it to act much faster. Cocaine abuse will cause your blood pressure to increase while causing your blood vessels to constrict. Your appetite will decrease and your heart rate will speed up when cocaine is used. For many people the increased feeling of energy and euphoria is the reason for the cocaine abuse.

How Cocaine Abuse Affects Mental And Physical Health

Cocaine abuse is extremely dangerous and poses many risks to both your physical and mental health. This drug abuse causes your temperature to increase, and can damage your internal organs permanently. Cocaine abuse often leads to a drug overdose which can be fatal if not treated immediately, and the drug also has a detrimental effect on your mental health. After prolonged cocaine abuse, or after large amounts of the drug have been used, hallucinations and paranoia are common problems. Cocaine abuse can lead to mental illness as well as physical illness, and the user is not only dangerous to themselves but to others as well.

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