Crack Abuse

Crack Abuse: Not Only An Inner City Epidemic

Once considered only in inner city problem, crack abuse is now an issue in almost every community. Crack is a smokable form of cocaine, and the drug is purchased in a rock form which is then heated up and smoked. Crack abuse crosses all age and economic barriers, and once this drug abuse starts it can quickly lead to addiction. Crack rocks may be white, yellow, brown, or other colors depending on what the drug has been mixed or cut with. Unlike prescription drugs, street drugs such as crack abuse have no standard concentration or amount of the drug, and each crack rock can vary widely when it comes to the amount of cocaine used.

Crack Cocaine

Crack Cocaine

Noticeable Signs Of Crack Abuse To Watch For

Although crack abuse has many of same symptoms as cocaine abuse there are many differences as well, because crack is a much purer form of cocaine. Rapid or unexplained weight loss, dilated pupils, sweating, muscle tremors, agitation, and a rapid heartbeat are all signs of crack abuse. Users may also develop burns or sores near their lip area, and this is usually caused by the hot glass or metal of the crack pipe, because the user does not want to wait for it to cool down before smoking more. Rapid changes in mood, agitation, and a need for money frequently are other signs that may point to a crack abuse problem.

Crack Abuse And The Effects Of This Drug Use

There are many effects of crack abuse. Crack cocaine will cause the user to feel energetic and alert, with the high starting very quickly after the drug is smoked. The heartbeat will accelerate in the blood pressure will rise, and this occurs together with the blood vessels constricting. Because crack abuse takes the form of smoking the drug the effects occur much faster, but they do not last as long as when the drug is snorted. This leaves the user wanting more normally within minutes.

Health Concerns With Crack Use

There are a number of health concerns with crack abuse. An overdose can happen very easily, because this form of the drug is more pure and it is impossible to control the dosage. Crack cocaine damages the liver and other internal organs, and can cause mental illness. Crack abuse depresses the appetite so that the user does not eat properly, and this can lead to further health problems. Upper respiratory infections are common with crack abuse, because the drug causes black tar to build up in the lungs. The longer the crack abuse continues the worse the medical problems can become, and often this drug use leads to death.

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