Darvocet Abuse

Darvocet is a narcotic pain medication which has a structure that is similar to methadone. This drug is classified as an opiate, and is only available with a prescription. The abuse potential for Darvocet is extremely high, and this drug is prescribed to treat pain which is mild to moderate. Darvocet works by blocking the receptors for pain inside the brain, and this helps to lessen the pain sensation. This drug also includes acetaminophen, which will minimize or eliminate prostaglandin production which is the cause of the pain sensation. If this drug is taken in dosages larger than prescribed, or if it is taken more often than the prescription states to take the drug then dependence or addiction may occur.



How To Spot Darvocet Abuse

When Darvocet abuse occurs it is not difficult to detect. The user may seem to be a stupor, seem drowsy, or be unable to concentrate on even simple things. A frequent need for refills on a prescription for Darvocet before it is due is another common sign that the drug is being abused and not taken as directed. The drug user may need money frequently if they cannot get a prescription filled because they will often turn to the street to find the drug instead. The user may become secretive, and may start to associate with new friends who also do the drug.

Darvocet Use And The Possible Effects With This Drug

Darvocet has a number of possible side effects, and when this drug is abused the result can often be a medical emergency or even death in some cases. Some other side effects associated with this drug are difficulty breathing, fatigue or extreme drowsiness, pupils which pinpoint and then dilate, sweating which is excessive, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and others. The user may feel lightheaded, or they may feel a euphoria. The blood pressure of the user may drop sharply, and heart function may decrease when Darvocet is used. The user may suffer from a general malaise, vertigo, abdominal pain, or a ringing in the ears. Darvocet can also cause the user to experience an irregular heartbeat.

Health Problems With Darvocet Abuse

One of the biggest health concerns with Darvocet abuse is an overdose of the drug. Because Darvocet contains acetaminophen as well as opiate components this drug can damage the liver and kidneys, as well as other internal organs, when used in higher doses than recommended. An overdose of Darvocet can lead to convulsions, a coma, respiratory arrest, and death. Jaundice can also occur as a result of liver damage, and this may cause the skin and eyes of the user to turn yellow.

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