Ecstasy Abuse

Ecstasy abuse is becoming more common, especially in larger cities and metropolitan areas where raves and other late-night parties occur. This does not mean that ecstasy is not a problem in rural areas or other parts of the country as well though. This drug is synthetic, and is considered a psychoactive substance. It is similar to both mescaline, which is a hallucinogenic, and the drug methamphetamine, which is a stimulant. Ecstasy abuse is extremely dangerous and can be deadly, and animal research has shown that there is a neurotoxicity effect in animals. Unfortunately this drug use is not limited to adults, and research studies have shown that children as young as twelve may suffer from ecstasy abuse problems in some cities.

Ecstasy pills

Ecstasy pills (Extasy)

Health Risks Associated With Ecstasy Abuse

There are many health risks which are associated with ecstasy abuse, and these are not limited to abuse and dependence with the drug. Because the drug can have an effect on body temperature, causing it to raise significantly, there is a danger that the body may overheat, and permanent damage can be caused. Death is one of the health risks that ecstasy abuse carries, and in some cases the first time ecstasy is used can result in death. This drug can also cause depression, agitation, thoughts of harming themselves or others, organ damage, and many other possible health risks and complications.

Ecstasy Use And The Effects On The Body

Ecstasy abuse causes a number of effects on the body as well as the mind. This drug affects the Neurons in the brain, specifically the neurons which communicate with other neurons by using the neurotransmitter serotonin. When ecstasy abuse occurs the user will have difficulty regulating their mood, sleep, and violent thoughts or aggression. The user may feel energized and have distortions with their perception and sense of time, and pain sensations may be minimized or eliminated completely.

Ways To Determine If Ecstasy Abuse Is Taking Place

If ecstasy abuse is a problem then there are some signs that can help this abuse become detected. The user may talk about doing beans, taking the love drug, and include other common references to ecstasy in their conversation. While under the effect of the drug the user may seem hyper, become agitated very easily, and be full of energy at times. It is not unusual for someone with an ecstasy abuse to crash and sleep for extended times after the drug abuse has taken place, to recover from the effects that the drug has. The user may also become secretive and may have problems with money as well.

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