Morphine Abuse

Morphine abuse is a common problem where this drug is concerned, one that can have serious or even deadly consequences in some cases. Morphine is a narcotic pain medication which can only be obtained with a prescription from a doctor, and this medication is intended to relieve or eliminate moderate to severe pain. Morphine is available in different formulations to treat different types of pain, and these include formulas which are fast acting for short-term relief and those which are extended release for longer pain management periods, such as twelve or twenty four hours. Morphine abuse may occur for a number of reasons, and this drug abuse can have devastating effects on the health of the user.

One of many forms of Morphine

One of many forms of Morphine

Signs That Help Identify Morphine Abuse

There are some signs which may help identify morphine abuse, so that the user can get treatment and stop the drug use. If the user snorts the drug then they may display frequent cold symptoms such as sneezing, a nose which runs continuously, sniffles, and others. If the user injects the drug then needle puncture marks may be visible. Doctor shopping may be done to try and obtain more of the drug because of the morphine abuse, and the user may need money frequently and be secretive about why they are in financial difficulty. Without the drug the user may become agitated, suffer physical withdrawal symptoms, and they may become violent.

The Effects That Morphine Has On The User

Morphine is a narcotic opiate drug, and this class of drugs causes a sense of euphoria or well being when used, which is why it is appropriate for severe pain and also why morphine abuse occurs. When combined with alcohol and certain other substances the effects of morphine are greatly increased, and this can be a dangerous combination. Morphine also causes respiratory depression, and this can lead to difficulty breathing or even respiratory arrest if the dosage of the drug is not carefully calculated.

Morphine Abuse And Health Considerations

There are a number of health risks and concerns with morphine abuse. This drug has a high potential for serious injury or death when it is not used carefully, or when the user exceeds the recommended dosage or time parameters. Seizures are another complication that can occur because of morphine abuse, and so is a coma. This drug is a controlled substance because of the potential risks that are associated with it, and morphine abuse results in death in a number of cities around the United States every year.

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