Vicodin Abuse

Vicodin is one of the most commonly prescribed pain medications in the United States, and Vicodin abuse is one of the most common problems seen with this drug. This medication contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen combined, and the hydrocodone is a narcotic medication prescribed to relieve pain. It is illegal to buy or possess this drug without a prescription, and it is intended to relieve pain which is moderate to severe. Vicodin is prescribed millions of times each year all across the country, and it is also available on the street market illegally as well. The potential for Vicodin abuse and addiction is high, so the drug should never be used in a dose that is higher than that prescribed, or take this medication more frequently than intended to minimize this abuse potential.

Vicodin pills

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Noticeable Signs Of Vicodin Use And Abuse

There are some noticeable signs of Vicodin abuse, and these can be a warning that the problem is occurring and needs to be treated. Because Vicodin contains the opiate hydrocodone the user may be tired frequently, and may seem drowsy or have trouble staying awake even during the day. Frequent complaining of pain, and a tendency to visit different doctors at the top to get Vicodin are also signs that Vicodin abuse is going on. Nausea, vomiting, paleness, skin that is cool and clammy, excessive sweating, shallow breathing, and dizziness are all also signs that Vicodin abuse may be an issue.

Why Is Vicodin Abused?

Most individuals abuse Vicodin because this drug gives them a feeling of euphoria, and makes them feel like everything is great. This is the most common reason why any opiate pain medication is abused, and while this effect works very well for controlling pain it creates the potential for addiction or abuse as well. Whether the original Vicodin use started out with a legal prescription or an illegal street, over time the use of this drug will build up a tolerance in the user and a higher amount will be required to get the same effect. This leads to more Vicodin being taken than what is prescribed.

Health Risks And Problems With Vicodin Abuse

Both the hydrocodone and the acetaminophen component of Vicodin carry high medical risks. Both of these substances can include permanent or even fatal complications. Hydrocodone in large amounts can cause respiratory arrest, coma, and death, and an overdose of Vicodin is a medical emergency and should be treated immediately. Another concern with Vicodin abuse is acetaminophen component, because this medicine has been shown to cause liver damage it even slightly higher than normal doses and can cause death if too much is taken.

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