Xanax Abuse

Xanax is a prescription medication Which may be prescribed to treat panic, depression, anxiety, and certain other disorders as well. This drug is classified in a category known as benzodiazepines, and it changes the balance of neurotransmitters that are available in the brain which can cause depression or anxiety. Pregnant women should not use this drug because of the potential for birth defects is used during pregnancy. Xanax abuse occurs when the drug is legally prescribed but it is abused because the dosage instructions are not closely followed, and also when the drug is purchased on the street without a legitimate prescription.


Xanax drug pills

Signs Of Xanax Use

If Xanax abuse is a problem then there are some signs which can indicate this drug use. This drug is often referred to as a downer, because it has depressant effects on the body. The user may seem drowsy at unusual times, they may sleep a lot, and confusion is also a common sign that this drug is being used. The user may become irritable or suffer from rapid or extreme mood swings if the drug is not available, and another frequent sign is an increased number of prescriptions filled for the drug. Xanax abuse can cause suicidal thoughts and an increase in aggression towards others and has been deemed responsible for a number of deaths in the United States.

Warnings Concerning The Effects Of Xanax

When Xanax is abused because of the pleasant feeling that the drug may cause there is an increased risk that other drugs or alcohol may also be used as well. If Xanax is used in combination with alcohol or certain other drugs then the effects of this medication are much stronger, and this is a very dangerous combination which can lead to permanent injury or even death. Because of the potential for abuse and addiction with this drug anyone who takes it should be closely monitored by their physician.

Xanax Abuse And The Health Of The User

When Xanax abuse is a problem then the health of the user is jeopardized, and in addition everyone who is around the user may also be placed at risk. With younger individuals this drug use can cause mental health complications including suicide and aggression, and with older individuals the use of this drug may need to be adjusted because of drug sensitivity due to age. Any Xanax abuse can have devastating health effects on the user, and is a source of concern by medical professionals. Jaundice, increased risk taking, a high potential for addiction, and other medical complications can be a problem with Xanax abuse.

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