Oxycontin Rehabs in Florida

Oxycontin Rehab in Florida

The process in finding a Florida Oxycontin rehab for a loved one or for you can be a confusing experience. What type of treatment is best for an Oxycontin addiction? How long should the treatment be for when addressing an Oxycontin addiction? Should detox or rehab be an out-patient or residential program?

Drug rehab services can help you find:

  • Oxycontin rehabs in Florida
  • Oxycontin Addiction treatment
  • Oxycontin rehabilitation
  • Oxycontin Detox centers
  • Oxycontin Withdrawal treatments

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The powerful painkiller, obtained by prescription OxyContin (oxycodone) also know on the street as “Oxycotton” gives a high that most users will say is better than heroin. The warm and fuzzy feeling, like you’re wrapped up in the warmest blanket and safe.

The active ingredient in the drug is a morphine derivative, the same as that also found in Percodan but unlike Percocet or other oxycodone products that may require repeat dosages every four to six hours, Oxycontin has time-release properties that allow patients up to 12 hours of relief.  Most addicts will see clearer because of the length of time they have been numb, but they will also have to endure intense withdrawal and anxiety.

  • This drug is abused by much more individuals across Florida and the US every day. The heroin-like effects of the substance attract both authorizes and unauthorized users.The drug can be used in one of the following ways:The tablets can be chewed, crushed for snorting or dissolved in water for injection.

Oxycontin abuse is popular for an assortment of reasons. First, with Oxycontin you get a regular high, you know how much you are taking and getting, the dosage is consistent, dependable.  You don’t need to mix the drug with others like cocaine and heroin that can be mixed with other substances. Finally, Oxycontin is covered by health insurance plans, so it is cheaper and easily obtainable, all you have to do is say you’re in pain and get a prescription. The elevated opiate dosage makes it highly attractive but extremely addictive.